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Five Great Reasons to Visit

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Traverse City
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Reason # 1 The Motor City
Maybe I'm a little bit biased since I come from Detroit, but I think that Detroit is a great reason to visit Michigan. Ignore, for a moment, the decrepit old houses and deteriorating neighborhoods, and think of the city's rich, vibrant culture and historical landmarks. Detroit is home to "The Big 3" and "Motown" after all. I don't care how much negative press you've heard about the city, don't tell me that you haven't driven a Big 3 car or been in love with a Motown song. The city's current decline is certainly no reason not to visit. Just be sure to keep your doors locked.(That was a joke, by the way).
Reason # 2 The Weather
Depending on who you ask, this may be a pro or a con. Michigan's weather, and perhaps the Midwest's as a whole, is probably unlike anything you've ever felt. Only in this region will you be wearing shorts and short-sleeve shirts one day, and shivering with a jacket on the next. It can be truly confusing, but I think that's what makes our little section of America unique. After all, you can't really enjoy a place until you've seen its best and its worst.
Reason # 3 The Universities
Michigan is certainly home to some of the nation's best schools. Maybe the U.S. News and World Report will tell you different, but don't be deceived. John Kennedy once referred to Harvard as the "Michigan of the East"; a true testament to the school's academic caliber.
But the University of Michgan isn't alone. There's also Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Central Michigan University, Lawrence Technological University, and a whole host of other "'region name here'-Michigan-University"s.
Reason # 4 The Great Lakes
The Midwestern region is home to some of the most beautiful lakes you will ever encounter. One's breath will instantly melt away while standing on a warm Michigan beach and staring out onto the lovely water of your favorite lake. This reason may trump the rest.
Reason # 5 The Sports Teams
So, the Detroit Lions haven't done so well in the past few years. The Tigers almost made it to the World Series this year. The NBA is in the middle of a lockout, so we won't mention the Detroit Pistons. The Red Wings are probably the most consistent team we have, and although I don't follow hockey, it seems like they're winning the Stanley Cup every other year.
Plus, there are all of the college teams - the Big House (University of Michigan) is one of the most popular sporting venues in the country.

My favorite place in Michigan is obviously Traverse City. If you decide to visit, you'll need information on some good Traverse City hotels. Don't forget to visit our Traverse city hotel directory as well.